Who am I ?

« To put it in a nut shell : ONE LOVE ! I find in Yoga my life’s meaning : to spread Love and Light in the consciousness of Unity within and without. The favorite part of my mission on Earth as a yoga teacher, is to notice those big smiles on the students’faces world wilde.

As them, I was so relaxed and amazed after my first yoga class in France in 2002! Since then, I multiplied my experiences and discovered an integral Universe. Starting with philosophy, I went on traditional Hatha Yoga, (I ‘ve been graduated in 2008 in Bordeaux) then Healing and Energies (crystals, sounds and Ayurvedic massage in 2010-11) and dropping to Shamanism and connection with the Infinite Love in Guatemala (300 YTT « Yoga and chamanism » in 2015 and 500hrs YTT in Kaula Tantra Yoga in Ecuador in 2018.

I am just a very curious person… and I travelled to the five continents and explored about ancient wisdoms, wellbeing and body moves everywhere I have been. Now living in the french Alps, I teach yoga to locals weekly and publish free yoga videos on youtube (yoga magique) to share the knowledge I’ve gathered on the way.

thank you for your interest. to contact me please

mariondupuy@hotmail.fr ; +33786295208 ; @yogamagique for insta & fb