Who am I ?


« To put it in a nut shell : ONE LOVE ! I find in Yoga my life’s meaning : to spread Love and Light in the consciousness of Unity within and without. The favorite part of my mission on Earth as a yoga teacher, is to notice those big smiles on the students’faces world wilde.

As them, I was so relaxed and amazed after my first yoga class in France in 2002! Since then, I multiplied my experiences and discovered an integral Universe. Starting with philosophy, I went on traditional Hatha Yoga, (I ‘ve been graduated in 2008 in Bordeaux) then Healing and Energies (crystals, sounds and Ayurvedic massage in 2010-11) and dropping to Shamanism and connection with the Infinite Love in Guatemala (300 YTT « Yoga and chamanism » in 2015 and 500hrs YTT in Kaula Tantra Yoga in Ecuador in 2018.

I am just a very curious person… and I travelled to the five continents and explored about ancient wisdoms, wellbeing and body moves everywhere I have been. Now living in the south west of France, on a little island, I teach yoga on the beach during the summer and I spend the winter months teaching yoga in such amazing places as Guatemala to share my essence with beautiful souls »